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Erasmus+ ‘Mindful Nature’ Project: Educators Convene in Evrytania for Experiential Environmental Program

Between Friday, July 7, and Monday, July 10, 2023, a Working Meeting was convened as part of the Erasmus+ “Mindful Nature” project. The meeting gathered around 40 educators from Greece and 2 from Portugal. The main focus of the meeting was the progress of the Network and the experiential environmental program of Mindful Nature, which took place amidst the enchanting forest environment of Evrytania. The Karpenisi Training Center, the sycamore forest of Gorgianades, Prophet Ilias Myrikis (with a mesmerizing night stargazing experience), the Asprorema path to Epiniana, Agrafa, and finally, Chryso, served as the picturesque locations for the program.

During this event, the participants had the invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and experience firsthand the unique environment that Evrytania has to offer. The Asprorema path, in particular, stands out for its thoughtful and eco-friendly design, exceeding the standards set by typical Greek paths. It has the potential to become a leading international destination for natural walking enthusiasts. Evrytania, with its extraordinary surroundings, remains at the forefront of fostering a mindful connection with nature.