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Mindful Nature Training Material

The purpose of this work package (WP) is to create training material that will be integrated into the Network

The results of this work package (WP) will include the following:

1. An Experiential Workshop for Implementation Teams: This workshop will serve as the initial presentation and application of the experiential method of Mindful Nature. Participants will have the opportunity to learn in nature using logic, observation, attention, and their senses. Mindfulness will also play a crucial role in developing consciousness and self-awareness.

2. An expert Workshop on Building Mindful Capacity for Mental Health and Wellbeing: In this scientific workshop, participants will explore the specific effects of mindfulness on mental health and overall wellbeing. The focus will be on understanding and promoting practices that enhance mental wellness.

3. A Blended Course Designing Mindful Nature: This course will offer a comprehensive and standard weekly teacher training program (KA1) on the subject. Its first implementation is scheduled to take place at the end of the 24-month program. The course aims to equip teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to incorporate Mindful Nature principles into their teaching practices effectively.

All the educational events mentioned above will be recorded on video, and participants will be interviewed, ensuring valuable documentation and insight into the impact and outcomes of the program.

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