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Mindful Nature Inspirational Handbook

The Mindful Nature Inspirational Handbook aims to propose a new educational approach centered around Nature and incorporating mindfulness practices. Embracing the understanding that each individual is unique, the handbook seeks to inspire teachers through creative processes rather than rigid protocols. It will present an illustrated symbolic background story that indirectly illustrates the following methods:

1. Using common sense and keen observation to perceive, decipher, comprehend, and interpret.

2. Employing direct attention and physical senses to engage with the environment.

3. Practicing mindfulness to achieve relaxation, mental clarity, and a deeper understanding of both the surroundings and oneself.

Furthermore, the handbook will outline the key features of the proposed school, which would be experiential, closely linked to Nature, and employ mindfulness techniques to promote consciousness throughout the learning process.

The uniqueness of this project lies in its development of a comprehensive list of learning outcomes that foster soft and transversal competencies while adapting them to a specific sector. This innovation is the result of thorough desk and field research, ensuring that it addresses the real needs of the school community.

Though Mindful Nature primarily focuses on environmental education, it is worth noting that the teaching material can be effectively integrated into various curricula subjects or used as a warm-up in any school setting. Educators can readily incorporate material from this output into their teaching approach.