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Final Conference in Portugal

The dissemination conference is considered the final and one of the most significant activities, carrying a major impact at both local and international levels. Due to the nature of mindfulness, which involves physical presence and spiritual connection, the conference in Portugal will be conducted in a face-to-face format. To ensure sustainability and environmental responsibility, the event will be organized using a sustainable event management system, such as ISO 20121.

The Dissemination conference will be organized and hosted by Casa do Professor. It will serve as a prime opportunity for all stakeholders to share the project’s findings and results. The conference will foster a collaborative learning community, bringing together students, teachers, and members of various organizations from the community. During the event, participants will exchange experiences and showcase good practices related to Mindful Nature.

This conference will serve as a platform to connect local communities to the project’s initiatives, enabling teachers, students, and organizations from Portugal and beyond to come together, interact, and disseminate the project’s outcomes effectively.

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