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Mindful Nature Network

After the first edition of the Mindful Nature Handbook and its implementation in schools across Greece, Portugal, and Cyprus during the pilot phase, an educational network will be established and operated. This network aims to facilitate the exchange of experiences among schools across the European region that wish to benefit from the program. The purpose is to offer an innovative teaching strategy that supports teachers in their work.

The results of this work package (WP) will encompass the following:

1. The establishment of an International Educational Network called “Mindful Nature.” This network will serve as a valuable resource for European teachers and schools, offering access to innovative teaching methods, educational materials, best practices, publications, and most importantly, the opportunity to become network members. Being a member will enable interaction and communication with all other participants.

2. The implementation of a Summer School program directly connected to Nature, emphasizing experiential learning and incorporating mindfulness as a teaching method.

3. Development of an online educational platform that will serve as a useful tool for courses, material utilization, participation, and interaction. The platform’s key feature is promoting

accessibility, especially for regions with limited resources or geographical distance. Additionally, it will facilitate the digital transition for teachers’ in-service or continuous training, contributing to sustainability in educational practices.

These outcomes are designed to foster collaboration, improve teaching practices, and enhance the learning experience for educators and students alike, promoting a more mindful and inclusive approach to education.

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