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Mindful Nature Project Kicks Off with Workshop in Greece: Enhancing Educational Practices for Teacher and Student Well-Being

To launch the Mindful Nature project, the first workshop was held from 20 to 24 February 2023 in Greece. The program involved exploring environmental routes in Gorgianades, kefalovriso,  Palaio Mikro Chorio, Tornos and Megalo Chorio and enabled 37 teachers to explore different methods for fostering mindfulness, awareness, reflection, and collaborative work. The goal is to adopt these practices in the school context, promoting an environment of greater physical and emotional balance.

The Mindful Nature project has the main objective of providing teachers and students from different fields and educational levels with the opportunity to develop their resilience, mindfulness, and mental health, aiming to improve their well-being in school. This will be achieved by using an innovative teaching strategy: teaching through immediate contact with awareness, in close proximity to nature.