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The Project


A project fostering a collective learning journey to enhance the well-being of the entire school community

Mindful Nature’s main objective is to empower teachers and support them in transitioning to a green way of teaching, fostering an inclusive and relaxed school atmosphere that embraces tolerance and acceptance of all students.

We recognize the importance of building resilience in students to overcome learning difficulties resulting from socio-economic disparities, ethical differences, discrimination, or refugee backgrounds.

Our project emphasizes a close connection to nature and the outdoors to integrate holistic nature realization, self-awareness, and relaxation into educators’ teaching strategies. Our aim is to raise awareness of nature’s vital role in promoting human health and well-being.

We are dedicated to developing innovative teaching strategies applicable in secondary schools and cross-curricular programs, while also catering to individual needs. These strategies will help students and teachers stay present, focused, and committed to teaching and learning, transcending language barriers, stress, and uncertainty that can lead to school failure and early dropouts.

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